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Affinity Electrical supplies products in many categories within the motion control domain. We specialize in standard duty and high performance, long life electro-mechanical actuation devices.

These include, but are not limited to: linear and rotary solenoids, gearmotors, servo-motors, stepper motors and custom mechanisms. We also supply standard mechanical components such as slides, linkages, brackets and other hardware.

We leverage strong partnerships with well-established manufacturers to optimize quality and price for your products.

Both USA and China offices are staffed by degreed, highly trained engineers and technicians who specialize in production and quality systems, product development and design.

Quality Guarantee:

We meet your product specifications and quality requirements by utilizing a strict quality system consisting of:

 • All of our partners are either ISO9001 or ISO/TS 16949 (QS-9000)

 • Supplier business review and comprehensive audits of design systems, manufacturing equipment, tooling and quality systems when the partnership is initially established.

 • Ongoing supplier production audits including raw material control, Incoming Quality Control and in-line process controls to ensure the required level of quality is being consistently shipped.


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